Monday, 27 September 2010

Attic Attack

It began way back in the second episode of my webcomic The Spine Chillers, and now at last the awful truth can be told! Just what is Mrs P up to in the attic? Ambrose Bierce has been obsessed with finding out, and now Bingo night approaches, and Bierce and the boys have put Project Rhubarb into action...

The culmination of more than a year of stories, dare you discover the secret?!

Leeds Aftermath

I had a great time at the first (hopefully of many) Leeds Alternative Comics Fair last weekend. It was the first comics event I've been to all year, I sure did miss Jo and Dylan but I had a great time. My new comic Space Dracula seemed to go down well, and overall I had a superb day saleswise, selling out of three different comics!

It was great to see lots of friends for the first time in ages and to make some new ones too. As usual I spent everything I earned on more comics, including the fantastic Sherlock Holmes Vs Skeletor by Gareth Brookes. I'm already looking forward to BICS and Thought Bubble, and I'll have new books out at both so hope to see you all there!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Leeds Alternative Comic Fair

Next saturday sees the first Leeds Alternative Comics Fair, and the Magic Beans roadshow (me and a box of comics) will be there in force! This is the first comics event I'll have got to all year so I'm looking forward to it greatly, to see some old friends and make some new ones, and of course to talk a load of old crap about comics.
I'll also be debuting the first new Magic Beans Comic for quite some time, it's called Space Dracula and I canny like it.
Its on Saturday 18th of September, between 12 and 6 at A Nation of Shopkeepers, next to Leeds City Art Gallery. Hope to see you all there!

Comicspace woes

Comicspace are going through A mega-revamp at the moment, and all of my comic galleries seem to have disappeared! I'm reliably informed they will all be back up and running soon though, I'll keep you informed and sorry if you can't live without the beany goodness for a while.