Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Breaking Bad Comics

Recently I've been making comic strips for the brilliant Breaking Bad Comics blog, the first one is up now. I became obsessed with Breaking Bad the TV Series when I was ill recently, it's now my favourite show I love it immensely. Likewise the comic strip which gave me many laughs in bad times. These strips are the first work I've done since I got better so hope you like them!

Warning: If you don't watch Breaking Bad just nod politely as you will not get it :)
If you do watch BB then beware of spoilers up to the end of Season 4. Church.


I've now got four strips up on Breaking Bad Comics, they all seem to be quite popular so far which makes me happy :) Here they are:





I'm up to my eyeballs in work on The Spine Chillers at the moment but more Breaking Bad Comics will be coming soon!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Spine Chillers Special Broadcast

The Spine Chillers return from their holidays this week for a new series of adventures. And like last year, they will be appearing every day leading up to Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho etc


Ahoy Hoy


Sorry I haven't been around chums, I haven't been very well. BOOOO! But I'm ok now and thought I'd say hello and watch for updates soon.

Keep Watching The Pies,


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Leeds Alternative Comics Fair 3

This saturday sees the third Leeds Alternative Comics Fair and as ever, I shall be there! The usual stellar field of comic creators from Yorkshire and the North East will be there too! It'll be your first chance to bag my new comic, DRACULA GOES BANANAS!

After his titanic struggles with the Loch Ness Monster and the Rabbit Men From Mars, can poor Mr Dracula find some peace? Find out in the final part of Dracula's Trilogy of Terror!

All the details of LACF3 can be found here, and I hope to see some of youse there!


No Badgers Were Harmed In The Making Of This Comic

The slightly epic Spine Chillers adventure Terror of The Werebadger has reached it's lycanthroconclusion amid violence and nonsense but at what terrible cost for Mrs P and the boys? Conan Doyle is locked up, Lovecraft has left the building, and Poe and the others must pick up the pieces of the horror and get on with their lives. Well they've already started doing that but you know what I mean... A series of breezy one off adventures is under way for those with epic fatigue, but plans are in motion for some serious business later on in the year, that's all I'm saying!

As always, thanks to everyone who reads and supports my humble webcomic, it really means a lot.
This week's episode has a zombie plumber in it. You're welcome x

keep watching the pies,


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

You Don't Have To Have Fought In The Spanish Civil War To Be A Writer, But It Helps.

The Spine Chillers mega-epic Terror Of The Werebadger is approaching it's devastating conclusion, and there are fresh shocks this week! Following Lovecraft's unexpected departure, Poe and Bierce are struggling to cope without him. So they turn for help with their Werebadger woes to another group of writers, who live in another guest house...

Can Ernest Hemingway bag the most dangerous game of all?! Find out quite soon!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Updatey Thing

It's been a while since I posted anything, all sorts going on here including Dylan's first birthday, Jebus where did that time go? Anyway, thought I'd fill you in on what I am, have been and will be doing, and that. First off...


I will be at The Bristol Comics Expo this weekend, sharing a table with Graham "Tour De France" Pierce. I've got a new comic out, depressing vegetable murder mystery Funny Onion. And a special edition of The Spine Chillers set at the convention. Do come along and say hello if you're going!


My webcomic The Spine Chillers continues weekly, we're currently in the middle of an epic storyline. Dare you witness the mindboggling Terror of The Werebadger?!


I've got a story in the current issue of 2000AD fanzine Zarjaz, drawn by the brilliant Nick Dyer. You can get it online or at the aforementioned Bristol shindig. I'm really pleased with how it turned out so I hope you like it too.


I was at the second Leeds Alternative Comics Fair recently, and had a great time again. Hopefully the boys will be announcing number three real soon! Highlight was meeting the supremely talented Nuala Murphy, I really liked her first comic and I'm looking forward to seeing what she does next. I didn't have anything new out but Space Dracula did really well again, people seem to like that one...


I've also done other stuff. I intend to also do more stuff soon. I might even update my website once in a while :)

Keep watching the pies,