Monday, 12 May 2008

Me so knackered

I'm home from the Bristol Comics Expo, and totally worn out after a long weekend of sleep deprivation and heavy drinking :)

I had a fantastic time, it was great to meet up with new friends and old, and to see all the talented mofo's out there! I'll have more to say when I'm less knackered, but it was a superb festival. So many kids there again, passionate about comics, it really is wonderful to see. On a personal note I'd like to thank everyone who was down with the Magic Beans, and especially those who have been reading Mothman. It really means a lot, cheers.

Today I plan to chill out and read some of the comics I got at the weekend, Mr Amperduke, Duke Etrange's World of Weird, Banal Pig, Sgt Mike Battle, and Al Ewing's Iron Man-Noble Defender of Fascism, among many others, and listen to my new favourite band Justice.

By tomorrow I'll wish I was back at Bristol with all my friends.


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