Monday, 14 July 2008

Metropolis rediscovered

I'm a huge fan of the great Fritz Lang. The Dr Mabuse films, M and Metropolis are masterworks of early cinema, and his Hollywood career one of the most highly regarded and influential of any Director.

I was astonished to hear that the long lost original version of Metropolis was recently rediscovered. This much longer version, the only existing copy in the world, was found earlier this year in a Buenos Aires film archive.

You can read the story of the rediscovery here.

Sometimes you think you've heard it all :)

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  1. It's a great film - though the only version that I could find was the one with the Queen soundtrack which I wasn't keen on. Turned the sound down and watched it to Debaser/Surferosa which seemed to work: Your bone's gotta little machine