Monday, 15 September 2008

The Stink-Episode 2

Part 3 on Sunday!


  1. Like it - may be a bit of a 'The Mist' vibe going on with the shop setting. Hope they remembered their Co-op rewards card.

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  3. I choose to believe Carpenter's The Fog is what's being channeled here, as the Mist was a bit poor, being the usual Stevie King tropes but with a decent ending. The Fog had pirate ghosts!

    Good stuff! Moar plz!

  4. It's a bit of both! And inspired by the pungent aroma of the farm up the road from me too! If I had my way 80% of all stories would have pirate ghosts in them. There are 2 different pirate ghost stories coming up in shabby tales.