Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Thought Bubble Five

The mighty Thought Bubble approaches, and the Magic Beans roadshow (me, a box of comics and a small boy in a Batman t-shirt!) will be there in force. We're sharing a table with the splendid Graham Pearce, creator of seminal small press comic Sgt Mike Battle.
This year's Thought Bubble is really the proper start of my return to the comics fold after my paternity leave, and to celebrate I'll have no fewer than FIVE new comics out!
They be:

Mike Neville Forever!
Stringer Bell At The Earth's Core
Funny Onion
Little Things Hitting Each Other
Gravy And Chips

It feels good to be back in the game, and I'm pleased with how they've all turned out!

I'll also have other goodies too, including some rather lovely badges and a new Spine Chillers episode to give away, and my postcard set which I've been working on for ages might be ready in time, hopefully!
I'll have lots of Renegade Arts Entertainment goodies as well, including the superb new comic 24 Hours In London: Shades of Grey, and postcards and stickers and that. Everyone loves stickers! You do, don't you? See.

I'm really looking forward to Thought Bubble, see you all there!

Keep watching the pies,


  1. HURRAH!

    Will us poor unfortunate saps who can't attend Thoughtbubble be able to acquire these comical gems by other means Ben? And the badges, mustn't forget the badges.

  2. Cheers Kerrin! They'll all be on sale in comic shops (OK Comics in Leeds, Travelling Man in Newcastle) but I'm also working on revamping the shop section on my website, I'll try and get it done in time for Thought Bubble. But in the meantime if you want to email me your address I'll send you some goodies, and a badge!