Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sup Cuz

How do! It’s been a canny busy time at Chateau Beans, I’ve been moving house to a new chateau for a start! The horror… the horror… So thought I’d give youse a quick update on what I’m gonna be doing in the near future.


I’ll be exhibiting at the Bristol Comic Expo in May, sharing a table with the estimable Mr Graham Pearce of Sgt Mike Battle fame! I’ll have plenty of new work to show you I’ve been a busy bee recently! I’m really looking forward to it after missing most of the cons last year.


Mostly I’m working hard on getting my web comic The Spine Chillers up and running again, following the terror of The Wicker Bloke story and Lovecraft’s return. Well the fellas are about to face their most epic adventure of all real soon folks…


I’m also still working on my new project which has stalled a bit recently, the above pic of Slime Mantis VS Avon Barksdale is a sneakety peak for you! And my children’s book The Boo Boat is coming together pretty sharpish now, I’m hoping to have it finished by the autumn. And lots of other stuff too!

Stay tuned for updates chums, and Keep Watching The Pies!

Ben x

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