Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Lenny Biscuits

The epic gangster/werewolf/talking cactus murder mystery Lenny Biscuits was one of the first comics that I published, not long after Mike Neville Vs The Monkey God. I was always very fond of it, and Lenny himself, but for various reasons I could never quite get it going on a regular basis. Something else always seemed to come first, like Solar Wind or Mothman or The Spine Chillers.

Well all of that is about to change! Starting tomorrow, the whole of Lenny Biscuits Book One: Bite of The Strangler will be available to read on my Comicspace page. It contains the whole of the original three issues that I published, as well as a new epilogue and the thoughts of Dr Crime in Who Killed Mrs Biscuits? And there is also a preview of what is to come in Book Two: Windy City Rumble. I'm hard at work on that and publishing Lenny Biscuits online has given me a whole new motivation to get it going again, so I hope you enjoy it because there's a lot more to come in Lenny's wild and crazy adventures!

And I hope you'll email Dr Crime with your thoughts on Whodunnit, because he lives for it. He needs it!


  1. Right, Episodes 1,2 an 3 are up there now, the epilogue and preview will be there tomorrow!

  2. Cool- Lenny is the only one I haven't got (I think). So I'm glad I can read it at last! Do you have a 'LOL-name Generator' program or sumthin'?