Monday, 4 January 2010

Space Year 2010

Happy New Year my friends! The magical mystery tour that was 2009 is over, it was quite a year for me, hope it was for you too.

I start 2010 at a huge turning point in my life. In a few months I will be a father. Jo and our son are my whole world and I love them so very much. But there is still room in that world for comics!

The Spine Chillers occupied most of my creative output last year, and I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has been reading it and has supported me. I love doing Spine Chillers and we've got huge plans for Year 2, including a collected edition full of surprises and new lovely things. Keep watching the pies!

Which brings me to my other comics. I've decided that with my main project being a webcomic, and with a baby on the way and me not going to many conventions in the near future, I won't be publishing any more comics for the foreseeable future.
Stop crying! What I intend to do is publish everything online from now on, with my eventual goal to collect them all in a book, similar format to Jeffrey Brown's Clumsy. God I love that book. I'll still be making the odd small, imperfectly formed bit of daftness here and there to give away, like the forthcoming Stringer Bell At The Earths Core. But Mike Neville, Lenny Biscuits, Griefbringer, Tab Monkey, Frankenstein and Onions, Professor Cosmonaut and Waxy the Elephant Detective and all the rest, they live online now. And one day in The Magic Beans Book.
I also intend to actually update my website! So I'll keep you informed of what I'm up to, when there's a new story up on my Comicspace page, and when I have a story appearing in another title, like that time I totally forgot to tell you about my Judge Dredd story in Zarjaz 8!
And as for everyone's favourite Fortean Diagnosis Murder fan, he's coming! The Mysterious Affair At Mothman's is on it's way soon.
As a great philosopher once said- Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. This is a momentous year for me, but I intend 2010 to be my most productive year yet.
pip pip,


  1. I've been following Spinechillers, cracking stuff and I love the new hi-fi stylie! Mark me down for a collection.
    Oh and happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year Bruce! Lot's of Spiney goodness yet to come so I hope you enjoy it!