Friday, 1 October 2010

It's 24 Hour Comics Day!

All around the world a bunch of crazy people are making entire 24 page comics in the next 24 hours, and once again I'll be one of them! I was going to be joining my friends from the Paper Jam Comics Collective at their 24 HCD shindig at Heaton Methodist Church, but in the end decided I'd better do mine from home, there's a small boy who needs his milk regular, dig?

So keep an eye out here and on the Newcastle 24 Hour Comics blog through the day for updates, photos and sleep deprived nonsense!


9AM It begins! Here we go folks!

3PM It's going really well so far! I've only had six cups of coffee so far too! Got 7 pages in various states of completion, and the whole silly story worked out in my head. Having a break now to have tea andfeed Dylan and stuff...

7PM Flagging a bit. Ninth cup of coffee almost gone...
Likelihood of Hitler appearing in my comic now almost certain.
Dylan's just gone to bed, now the real work starts!

8.30PM Displacement activity. Need break, reading Gods of Riverworld by Philip Jose Farmer.

10PM Page 14 begun. Chocolate spread on toast. Hitler.

2.30AM Dylan wants his milky. Lost count of how many coffees I've had. Not making much progress.

7AM Gah! Fell asleep on Dyl's playmat. Not sure if I'll have time to finish now.

9AM Just about salvaged things. The last four pages exist in sketchy form only, and there's still a bit of work to do overall, but I have the basis of a pretty good comic I think.

THE VERDICT: Moderate success!

It'll be out in time for Thought Bubble folks, and it's called...


Thanks for all the support and that, and if you've been 24 hour comicing yourself, I hope it went well!

Now sleep...



  1. Excellent! Well done sir. I had measured success also, I will make a post on the subject in the fullness of time.

    It's been a great ride.

  2. Glad you made it mister. I had a fail unfortunately, my story fell apart at about 1:30am and I couldn't retrieve it. Did manage to do some nice drawing and sketches for some new ideas though, so overall I remain positive despite not having a comic finished. Looking forward to seeing Mike Neville forever - if you have any early images, let me know and i'll post 'em on the newcastle 24 hour comic blog.

  3. Well done you two! Look forward to seeing your comic Britt, and Paul I bet you've got some good material to work on later!
    I'm utterly knackered but I can't sleep...
    It was a great day.